Prima Sponsored 24hr dive at Dosthill 12/13 July 08

 in aid of raised 3,169.70

A dive for Geoff & Cancer Research

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All for a special friend, R.I.P. Geoff            1st in, only 47 to go             Young & old, they all came running          Not quite what we meant by "Dive Cover" but it helped               Rarring to go

yes Kate, of course it's warm in there          ok, the coffee is coming          Still awake & smiling at 3am          Well smeone was happy (or demented)          Moral support

Even the dog came along          Of course the flapjacks came out ( & the silly hats)          He was let out for the day, with supervision          On the night-shift          Wake up Al, it's your turn

& to think I could be in bed          Someone wake my buddy          Time for a little house-keeping          Nice in 'ere, init          a bit sparse on the kit Phil

you can't have too much air          Paul, looking for divine intervention?          The sun brought them all out.          24 hrs later, all for one one for all          Couldn't take the pace, but we'll forgive her as she raised the most sponsorship

2 members had been in Thailand & came straight from the airport to dive with us          Presentation to Cancer Research at the "Woodman" on 7th Oct


 We achieved a magnificent 3169.70.  Truly a remarkable achievement & a fitting tribute  in memory of Geoff.

A big thank you to the owners, Sid, the staff & patrons of Dosthill Quarry without their co-operation none of this would have been possible.  They supported us throughout the event & their hospitality was very much appreciated.

Please pass on our profound thanks to all who sponsored our little dip.


Thanks to all that took part whether diving, support or raising this momentous amount.


Geoff will be greatly missed by all.

May God bless his soul.


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