Scouts Try-Dive Aug 2015 Gallery

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Photos by Viv Bailey



24th Aug '15  a Try-Dive for 9 members of 5th Lichfield (Holy Cross) Scout Group


The Try-Dive Covered:

•A brief explanation on the major parts of a SCUBA set and their use

•An explanation of ear clearing, so that your progression to depth is made comfortably and safely

•Instruction on key hand signals, so that you and your instructor can communicate in this silent world

•Instruction on fitting and demisting a mask

•Explanation and demonstration in breathing from an aqualung and an opportunity to try it 

•Explanation and demonstration on how buoyancy control works and a chance to try it 

•Once they were comfortable and happy, they tried swimming underwater and allow them to experience the weightless underwater environment

•If confident enough and, more importantly, they wanted to, they taught some more skills such as barrel rolls, somersaults etc...

This was all about fun, they only did what they felt comfortable with. Some Scouts even brought a disposable underwater camera to record their first exploration into the underwater world.






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